Articles of clothing you definitely need for fall volume 2

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having an excellent day or night. This will be the second installment of the articles of clothing I find absolutely necessary for a fall wardrobe.

It’s been warmer than usual where I currently reside so I haven’t been able to wear very much of my fall wardrobe. Sweaters are currently not an option, but thin layers certainly are! I am luckily able to incorporate layers into my everyday look so it feels more like fall.

Let’s get on with the list of articles of clothing I absolutely love for fall volume two!

Duck boots

One of my absolute favorite pairs of fall shoes is duck boots! Duck boots are a fall and winter staple depending upon the weather conditions in which you wear them. I love the look of duck boots with a vest and plaid shirt. I am also a huge fan of vineyard vine vests with this style of boot. I have always been a fan of the preppy look and this is certainly the perfect way to achieve it!


I recently purchased two rain anoraks at Macy’s and absolutely love them! They are very stylish and I find the detailing and gold buttons add a nice finishing touch to any outfit. I purchased them in a black and camel shade and they have a beautiful striped pattern on the inside along with sleeves that can be rolled up. I really like this feature of the jacket! I can wear pretty chunky sweaters with these anoraks and it looks classy but not too flashy. I also own a cloth navy anorak but am frankly clueless as to what pairs with it.

Cropped Skinny jeans

Cropped jeans may seem like an odd article of clothing to be worn during fall but they look stunning with any type of booties and can be worn if the day is warmer. I recently purchased my first pair of cropped skinny jeans at Nordstrom from the Topshop brand and absolutely love them. I find I am always reaching for them on very warm fall days. Both Blue or black cropped skinny jeans look amazing with booties of any sort.

Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts will always be one of my absolute favorite shirts for the fall season! They tend to come in so many different shades and patterns that anybody can find one that works for them. I currently own several plaid shirts in different styles. Two of my favorite plaid shirts are cropped, a few are regular along with one that has a button down lower back. I like how unique of a look the one with buttons down the lower back has. It looks adorable with any type of boots including rain boots.

That is all the articles of fall clothing I will cover in this blog post, but there will be a third edition covering even more articles of fall clothing I absolutely love.

Have a great day or night everyone! If you have any thoughts or ideas of what I should add in my future articles drop them below in the comments. Toodles!


Articles of clothing you definitely need for fall

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having an excellent day or night. I decided to write a blog post about the articles of clothing which I absolutely adore for the fall season.

I do know how to put together an amazing outfit in less than five minutes, although fall makes this process much easier because of one little element, layers. When you are able to layer different articles of clothing, it takes less time altogether along with giving you endless possibilities.

So let’s get on with the list of the articles of clothing I absolutely love for fall!


Cardigans are one of my absolute favorite items of clothing for the fall season. My current favorite shade is a medium mustard. Although I haven’t been able to purchase a cardigan in this shade yet, I eventually plan on it. Another shade that is a longtime favorite of mine is a medium to dark burgundy. You can pair the right shade of burgundy with literally anything.

Black Jeans

Black jeans are most definitely a fall staple of mine! Black jeans at any other time of the year can be a bit much especially if the weather is super bright or cheerful, but in fall even on the sunniest of days I find they look gorgeous. I prefer the style with few rips or no rips and a more clean appearance so they can work in any given setting.


You can’t go wrong with vests! I own a quilted vest I recently purchased from the brand Barbour which is headquartered in the United Kingdom. I absolutely love this vest! It gives just the right amount of warmth and corresponds with everything in my wardrobe. You can throw one on over a long sleeve shirt, sweater or literally anything and look put together. Vests are a pumpkin patch outfit staple for me.


I love the look of the classic Burberry check scarf. This scarf goes with so many different outfits and is excellent quality. I also recently found a Burberry look alike scarf at Jcpenny which is much less expensive but still the high quality you would expect out of a Burberry scarf. There are also a few plain and plaid scarves I like that work with many different articles of clothing.

Mock neck sweaters

Recently, I purchased a mockneck sweater from the brand topshop at Nordstrom. It is a gorgeous mustard shade and the fit is boxy yet still flattering! I found the color to be absolutely gorgeous and it works with black jeans, blue jeans and literally everything. Another perk is how overall comfortable it is. If you purchase the right sweater with the fabric you prefer, it will be an article of clothing you covet for years. I also consider it to be an investment item if it’s made with a higher quality of material.

That is all the articles of fall clothing I will cover in this blog post, but there will be a second edition coming soon which covers more articles of clothing you most definitely need for fall.

Have a great day or night everyone. If you have any thoughts or opinions on my article feel free to drop them below in the comments. Toodles!

New blog topics underway

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a great day or night. I have not posted in quite a while and I apologize for my absence. I have been busy for quite some time and am finally able to post new blog posts. I am super excited to get back to blogging again and super excited about making new posts for everybody who follows my blog.

I decided I will start blogging about other topics besides beauty. I will start to post blog posts about lifestyle and maybe even current topics if anyone is interested in that. Another topic of possible interest for my future blog posts is food or coffee, perhaps even fashion.

I am very excited to cover the topic of fall. I will definitely start posting blog posts about fall within the next few days. I am a little late on the fall trend but, hey fall never goes out of style.

Usually I post photos with my blogs but for this blog I couldn’t find any photos that fit the theme. This post is sort of a random topic.

That is all I have to say for this blog post so keep watching for a new blog post within the next few days.

Have a great day or night everybody! If you have any ideas for future blog posts be sure to drop them below in the comments. Toodles!

Influenster- Lune+Aster Powerlips

Hey everybody! This blog post will be about my Influenster powerlips virtual voxbox campaign. I really enjoyed this campaign and I also earned my powerlips badge.

I hadn’t heard of the Lune+Aster brand before this so I was excited to try it. And I ordered from Blue mercury, the high end online cosmetics store. If I lived near a Blue mercury store, I definitely would have gone there but customer service online was super helpful in finding me the perfect shade!

I ended up buying the shade “Unplugged” and I absolutely adore the dusty rose color! It works well with so many of the colors and color schemes in my wardrobe. I am a huge fan of the dusty rose color and own several shirts in this color. It looks stunning on my very pale skin.

The pigment is beautiful and I love how the packaging is a dark navy color. You can even see little glitter flecks in the dark navy color which is cool. It did not dry my lips out or fade away over time either. It has excellent staying power and is great quality. This liquid lipstick is totally worth the price!

I was very impressed with how Blue mercury packaged my order. The tissue paper was a gorgeous dark navy and they even put two of the samples from Bobbi Brown in a cute little bag! I totally was not expecting that, it was a cute personal touch. I also got a sample of Laura Mercier foundation.

I would definitely recommend shopping at Blue Mercury! They ship fast, I got free two day shipping on my order plus they have amazing quality products and samples.

Have a great evening everybody! I will drop the link below for Blue mercury along with the Retailmenot site for Blue mercury which has lots of freebie and deal codes. Toodles!

Blue mercury-


Also, you can follow Blue Mercury on instagram and Twitter.



Subscription boxes

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a great morning or night. I thought of an interesting topic to talk about which I will mention below.

Subscription box services have recently gained quite a bit of popularity. These include food, beauty, pets, organic food the possibilities are literally endless! You can literally get whatever sort of box you want which is so cool.

I subscribe to three subscription box services at the moment and plan on trying more throughout the rest of the year. Currently I’m subscribed to FabFitFun, Birchbox, and Walmart beauty box (which is actually quite impressive)! I also make sure to buy Target beauty boxes whenever they are available. It is so hard to get them sometimes but I end up getting certain ones so I’m happy. Plus in a recent Target beauty box, I got the shade of nail polish featured in the picture rather than one everyone appeared to hate that was not pictured so I was glad.

One day I decided to do a google search of the reviews for different subscription box services such as FabFitFun and Birchbox and what surprised me were the overall poor reviews. I can totally understand the Birchbox reviews because sometimes lets be totally honest here, you get super small samples you know will be gone in one use and this is definitely not something to be thrilled over. But a plus are the pretty box designs and they do give out nice products most of the time.

FabFitFuns reviews were overall poor, which surprised me because in every box the items tend to be quality along with being full size and for only $50 a quarter that’s a steal. I felt bad for the customers who had a poor customer service experience and that definitely is not fun to deal with. I can totally see why you would rate the company poorly if you had a negative experience.

Some reviews posted were not very relevant to the company and an issue caused on the customers end rather than FabFitFun’s. Some reviews also claimed they did not feel the items were quality or worth the money. Maybe you won’t like some items but you can regift them or even sell them for the full value they are worth! I feel most stuff is of value, of course some items are iffy at best but I regift them.

Overall, I try subscription boxes even if the ratings are low because I want to see what my opinion of it is rather than going by what other reviews may say.

What do you think of subscription box reviews? Do you trust them or would you rather try it for yourself? Comment what you would do.

Have a great Thursday everybody! The weekend will be here in no time. I will also drop the links for FabFitFun and Birchbox below. Toodles!


FabFitFun note, check out retailmenot for coupons and savings on your first box-


Birchbox note, check out retailmenot for coupons and savings on first box along with general coupons-


Walmart note, they do sometimes have limited edition boxes for a low price so keep your eye out for those

Daily Beauty faves #1

Hey everybody! I decided I will start posting a daily blog post about one of my most favorite beauty products of the day.

This will be a fun way for me to showcase some of my fave beauty products. I am mostly a skincare girl rather than a makeup girl so there will definitely be more skincare products than makeup products. Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup but I’m addicted to skincare! Good skin is your base for gorgeous makeup so the better you take care of your skin, the more flawless your makeup will look.

I decided I would start the daily beauty faves today. The first daily beauty faves product of the day is Herbivore Lapis oil.

I first saw Herbivore products while browsing at Sephora In 2017, along with seeing it featured on several different websites. It took me until early 2018 to start buying Herbivore products and I am so happy I did. The price tag on Herbivore products may be higher than those of similar skincare products, but let me tell you they are worth every penny.

I was dealing with moderate acne all throughout last year along with the beginning of this year and kept trying to find a healthy approach to healing my acne that did not require prescription medicine.

I went to Sephora and one of the girls there suggested trying this product, it was the last package so I thought it must be good if it’s almost sold out. I bought this in the $30.00 starter kit, which had the oil and blue tansy mask in it, but the blue tansy mask is for another post.

I used this alongside my favorite acne wash and moisturizer and was so worried it would clog my pores but it didn’t and actually helped clear my skin up! My skin looked so smooth and glowed in just one use. It has also removed acne scars over time. My skin looks so healthy and like it used to before I got moderate acne. I am so glad I tried this stuff.

If anyone wants to know my full skincare routine on how I solved my acne problem, comment and I will definitely be sure to cover that topic in a future blog post.

Have a great middle of the week! I’ll also drop the links below for the Herbivore Lapis oil in case you want to check it out. Some sites offer discounts. Toodles!

Herbivore (get 10% off with weekly email sign up)

Herbivore (mini size if you want to try before you buy, get 10% off with weekly email sign up)-

Note for Herbivore site– if you refer a friend, when they order anything you get $15 back and they get 15% off.

Dermstore (offers 20% off first order with email sign up)-


Sephora (clarifying duo starter kit)-


Influenster, Sol de Janeiro voxbox

Hey everybody. I hope you have all had a great day or night, and to those celebrating, Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I review products for a site called Influenster, they have an app in the app store along with a webpage and I absolutely LOVE being a part of it! It is a great supportive community with so many different areas of interest including beauty, fashion, food etc. When you join, you have the ability to connect your social accounts to help increase your impact score. Also, you can participate in community discussions and review different products you love.

One of the absolute best parts of Influenster is getting voxboxes! You will get an email saying you are on the shortlist for an upcoming voxbox. A huge plus is they have tons of campaigns so no one will feel left out. When you get these surveys, be certain you complete them before the deadline arrives. Recently, I got into the Sol De Janeiro voxbox campaign and was thrilled! It was also the first Sol de Janeiro voxbox campaign they have ever done so it was very special.

First to disclose this information, I received this product complimentary but all opinions are my own. I absolutely loved this body scrub! It smelled so amazing and I loved the design of the bottle. It’s also so cool how the product actually matches the yellow shade of the bottle. I noticed it left my skin super duper smooth and clean feeling. The texture is not gritty and a little goes a long way, so the key with this product is to use it sparingly. It smells like you are somewhere exotic or the beach and I love that. This is by far the best scrub I have ever used!

I accidentally threw away the voxbox before I could take pictures of it so oops, but it was such a gorgeous box! I always love Influenster’s boxes! I will also be blogging about future voxboxes I receive. So if your interested, look out for those future posts.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I’ll also drop the link for Influenster below in case you want to check it out. Toodles!